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(Anchor Symbol) part 1

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Omega Dome 3

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Omega Dome 2

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The Omega Dome

This week: The Omega Dome, a short story for the 4th issue of Sean McCarthy’s┬áSee How Pretty, See How Smart. The theme for this issue was “Scatology and Eschatology.” Hope you like watching me try to hit those two targets simultaneously.

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The Omega Dome 1

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Salt Lick 4

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Salt Lick 3

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Salt Lick 2

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This Week: Salt Lick

This week’s comic is “Salt Lick,” which originally appeared in the 2007 FLUKE anthology, edited by Drew Weing.

After the year my parents raised three cows, we left a chunk of their salt lick in the field that sat below our house, between us and the river. One day I noticed that some animal, maybe more […]

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Salt Lick 1

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