• (Anchor symbol) was originally drawn for the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society’s third book in Fall 2008. The cosmos brought its indifferent, grotesque machinery to bear on the book’s production, or whatever, and so by the time the book came out last summer, I’d wound up getting divorced, moving to New York from Philadelphia, moving back to Philadelphia and getting married again. I still haven’t gotten around to collecting my contributor copies.
  • These things happen, sometimes; another anthology I did a story for had to be permanently shelved when the person who’d silkscreened the covers was arrested, and the covers were discarded along with the rest of the contents of the printer’s apartment.
  • Initial sketches for this story were posted here:

    tattooed man sketches

  • I used the original sailor-man outfit for DC’s The Tattooed Man, because it’s way better. Technically, he’s only supposed to be able to bring his tattoos to life, but it seems like a waste for a character who could theoretically literalize any representational image to be confined to tattoos. Also, it seems like a waste for him to be narratively confined to robbing banks or whatever the hell Green Lantern was always trying to stop him from doing. But this is why I’m not a superhero writer/artist, I guess, and why it is I do whatever the hell it is I do.